Monday, August 14, 2017

Judging a Book by its Cover

I love my covers.

Every time I see a couple from of one books on the cover of another romance novel, I think: 

There they are. Enjoying their happily ever after. Henley & Carter from Fated Hearts are busy, busy people. ;)

Don't they look like they're having a good time?

Back when I first started reading romances (in my tender teen years circa 1989), the reigning queens of historical romance had the most atrocious covers; I've heard them called nursing mother covers but I prefer to describe them as BODICE RIPPERS. 
I pulled these four of a shelf of dozens at random
Ha! I have Fabio covers. hee hee And Passion's Bride is such an excellent read; but that cover? Oh, Lordy, those covers. They defined an era, sure, but I'm glad as a writer, it was before my time. Because I really love my pretty, modern covers.  

Have a glorious "bodice ripper" cover to share? Or have you seen my couples on other books?

Post a pic in the comments below

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  1. I tend to be word-oriented, so I don't pay a lot of attention to covers unless I am forced to look at them, lol. I do remember being embarrassed by those bodice-ripper covers, though!