Monday, March 4, 2019


An unfortunate truth of publishing is the author's job is not done when they write THE END. There's editing, more editing, finding an agent and/or publisher (and that process can take years), more editing and then, if you’re very talented, and very lucky, you’re published (this process is slightly different for the indie and hybrid authors and in fact, can be much more difficult). But, alas, my friend, the work is not done.


And in a lot of ways, market yourself as well. Most authors I have the privilege of knowing are, like myself, introverts, who are happiest with books: the ones they’ve written, the ones they’re writing, the ones they’re thinking about writing, and the ones by other authors they hoard in every available format. And if they’re like me, the very idea of marketing strikes fear deep in the center of their cat video loving, society eschewing souls.

Enterprising persons on the inter-webs (thanks #RichardRawlings) have discovered this phobia and realized a previously untapped income source – socially awkward authors. Like me J I think I’ve probably spent more money marketing my books than I’ve actually made in book sales. Thank the Goddess I do this for the love of the craft and not the Benjamins. But another unfortunate truth, it’s harder to get a second, third, fourth, book published if the first didn’t sell well.

It’s a vicious cycle. Viscous even.

But then sometimes, a book advertising site takes on a life of its own and becomes a phenomenon in its own right. For example: Smart Bitches, Trashy Books; Romance Rehab; Heroes & Heartbreakers; and Book Riot, to name but a few. And they offer real content: articles, interviews, and advice, in addition to reviews, cover reveals and book tours.

And I love the content on Book Riot. Like this one:

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