Monday, December 6, 2021

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#MFRWHooks “She's a train wreck.”

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It was an order. One Xavier briefly considered disregarding, but he hadn’t seen Sharon in over a year. “The way you reacted when I took that job with Internal Affairs in Boston, I would’ve bet my left nut you’d never follow suit.” Xavier grinned. “But here you are Divisional Commander of Internal Affairs.”

“It was, is, a smart career move.” Jack stood and opened the door wide.

Xavier followed him inside. The interior was charming. He recognized furniture, photos, and knick-knacks from their old home in Baltimore mixed among newer pieces. It felt both familiar and foreign. The story of my life. He hadn’t had a home, not a real one, in years. He didn’t know why, didn’t want to know why. That fact made him melancholy. Xavier chose the solitary, nearly vagabond lifestyle intentionally. Moving from city to city, police department to police department, no friends, no roots, no obligations - like the one that had brought him here and partnered him with Alexandra Danvers.

“I will not railroad her.”

“You won’t need to. She’s a train wreck.”

The door closed behind Xavier, and the snick of the lock catching felt oddly final.

What are readers saying about Fall to Pieces?

Fall to Pieces is a tense romantic suspense that’s impossible to put down!

“Fall to Pieces” is a superbly written thriller keeping the reader on the edge of their seat wondering when the next murder will occur.

The author built a cadre of very interesting characters and wove their strengths and weaknesses into a compelling story that definitely kept my interest. 

Philadelphia Homicide Detective Alexandra Danvers is determined to bring suspected child killer, Arthur Book, to justice, no matter the cost. Detective Xavier Knight is asked to evaluate Lexi’s fitness for duty and fears investigating Lexi could allow a monster to walk free. Holding onto their own secrets, they launch a covert investigation into Arthur Book that could cost Lexi and Xavier their careers…and their lives.

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