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Behind Enemy Lines

Before today I've never watched a football game deep in enemy territory. Until this afternoon I've never sat in a crowd that cheered the opposing team. It was very disconcerting, like entering a foreign environ, as people sent jeers at my family as we clutched together at the mid-point of the bar.

Nick and his girlfriend Liz were working, he was at the bar and she was serving table and they both were sporting Eagles jerseys. Myself and my boyfriend, Nick, also garbed in black and green, were joined by my cousin Moe, our brothers Kenny and Chris, Christopher's wife and some of their local friends. While most of us were born and bred Philly residents, all but my boyfriend and myself call Southern Maryland (or in my cousins case Virginia) home. They've grown accustomed to being the odd men out. We however, were loud, vulgar and obviously out of place.

Did I enjoy the game? Not particularly, what should've been an easy win was a disappointing loss. But enjoyed spending the time with my family. And seeing how my brother has adjusted to being the sole Philadelphia Eagles fan in the bar every Sunday with grace and professionalism. I miss my brothers and their families living so far from home.

Often it makes me sad to realize that for them the City of Brotherly Love is no longer, nor has it been for some time, their home. But it is mine. For as much as the City can frustrate and annoy. For as nice as it is to visit my family in the small suburban cities in which they live. At the end of the day I thank God I'm a city girl. And can't think of a single other place I'd want to live.


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