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Only a few weeks, maybe four, after my friend and I told my teenage daughter about this boy that had loved me in high school, he found me on Facebook. I'd looked for him a time or two, unsuccessfully, so when I saw the friend request in my FB inbox I was incredibly excited and only minutes after he sent it, I accepted it and began asking him about his life. He shot me a quick email giving me his email address and suggesting we communicate that way.

Emails were exchanged over the course of an afternoon and he sent one asking if he could ask me something. I always get nervous when someone says can I ask you a question? To my way of thinking if you're not sure if you should ask... don't. Cautiously, I gave him the thumbs up. He asked if I still dance around to Madonna in the mornings when I get ready for my day. I was just blown away that he even remembered such a silly little detail and invited him to attend a friend's Labor Day bbq with me. He said yes.

Then he stood me up.


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