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Because of the daily workouts and careful eating I've been getting tired earlier and therefore going to bed earlier. I'm sleeping more soundly and waking up on time and more refreshed than I've felt in months. That's good. Real good and I expected it to be the only benchmark I could cling to this first week: how I feel.

I got up this morning around 7a.m. with little prompting or growling, my body is starting to fall into a rhythm that it likes (this will be incredibly helpful when I'm REALLY into my running and getting up before dawn becomes my norm, even still that idea seems preposterous but I've done it in the past routinely and I know I'll do it again). Had already planned on passing the morning working out with my youngest. Not the most intensive plan honestly as there were as I knew there would be, again from past experience, lots of starts and stops but it is an awful lot of fun. Saturday is weigh in day and the Wii showed me something unexpected... a 4.6 pound loss! Holy shit!

That's hugely encouraging. Going into week 2 on that type of momentum is AWESOME. I just need to be careful. Huge unexpected losses like that are rare. Next week may very well be a half pound loss, even a slight gain as I'll be closing in on being "friendly" and could be a lil bloated. But for right now, oh yeah right now, I am seriously excited and proud.

Week 2 = hit me with your best shot!


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