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I'm going to stop pretending that I have an opinion or more accurately pretending that my opinion matters. It is no secret that I have been unhappy at my job as of late. But after 8+ years of specialized work in a very unique area of law, I had believed myself to have at the very least a valid opinion on the subject. Yet, time and time again, my ideas or opinions are struck down often condescendingly and I've about had it. I'm not sure if its a reflection on me personally or the generality prevalent in my office that unless you have a JD you are obviously less intelligent than those that do.

Maybe it's a combination of the two. Maybe it's presumptious of me to assume that asking me my opinion is nothing more than a polite courtesy, a rhetorical question as it were. Regardless, it appears to me that using my brain is not an expectation of my position. From this point on I'm just going to sit here and let my brain atrophy, doing only that which is specifically asked of me, just like the trained monkey they think I am.

I won't be any happier but I'll fit in better with all the rest of automatons


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