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I opened 2011 with a flu bug courtesy of my special man which kept me out of work. Then I had to work insane hours the remainder of the week to make the time up. So I didn’t start my journey till Saturday January 8th. My three prong starting initiative:

a) Eat smaller/healthier;
b) Replace my soda with water (at least 8 cups a day); and
c) Exercise every day.

I’ve been going strong for 4 days, as of today. I’m tired when I’m supposed to be and as of last night, sleeping a little better than I’ve been, and it was a little easier getting up and getting going this morning, despite it being so freaking frigid outside. This first week I need to use the way I feel as my benchmark for success, because I know from experience that I won’t see any difference on the scale for another week or so. I’ve got to remember to keep up with it, take everything in stride, and keep positive. Rewards help with that.

My rewards for stage 1 are:
-5 lbs ~ Bubble bath
-10 lbs ~ Book
-15 lbs ~ Pedicure
-20 lbs ~ Sundays off


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