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Oh My Lord

I love to run. Only I haven't in some time. Life just seemed to get in my way. For the past, I guess 18 months - 2 years, I'll see other people running and I lust; in the ugliest sense of the word. Part of my journey to get fit includes a return to running. But I'm the heaviest I've ever been. Ever. Even pregnant with my girls I never weighed this much. And I've been smoking. I'm a realist. I can't strap on my shoes and hit the door for a 9 mile run anymore.

I busted my ass on Monday so Tuesday I figured I'd take it a little easier and do a walking workout on the Dreadmill. About 10 minutes in I decide to see how bad the RUN situation really is. Oh My Lord, I wish I hadn't. I had to stop almost 3 minutes in, not just cause my lungs felt like they were on fire, but I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, I was getting light headed and my left leg was beginning to wobble with every stride. The impression that I was either going to stroke out or wipe out was pretty strong and I sadly went back to my walk, having netted a slow, labourous quarter mile. Song after song infused me with the joy of the beat and I was enjoying myself once more. Walking with swagger and sass, mouthing the words, hands gestiuclating to the beat. I'm a sight I know, but screw it. I was having a good time and the regulars at my gym are used to my antics. However, the ghost of that abbreviated run lingered.

Yesterday's workout SUCKED. Between Tuesday & Wednesday's disappointing workouts, and the fact that both my calf muscles have been spasmed to full contraction all day and any amount of walking is painful, I'd almost bailed on myself. But I went. Figuring I'd take a nice simple slow walk, get the muscles in my calves warm and then give myself a nice long stretch session to alleviate the spasm. I've been doing good with cardio and can afford a really light day. Don't wanna burn out. Really don't wanna injure myself. Again. To the gym!

Did a quick five minute warm up walk to loosen those legs up before hopping off the TM and stretching them both out. I had looked up a couple 5k trainers online. I'd never needed the walk/run guide, using in the past the training guide for beginning runners already able of doing a half mile or more non-stop. They are all very similar but only one was basic enough for me to remember (math is not my strong suit). I figured what the hell....I'm only going to go stretch anyway. Let's try it.

I got back on and did a little 4 min/1 min, walk/run combo for about a half an hour. Oh My Lord. I'm so glad I did. I felt great. I didn't want to stop. It wasn't pretty, or fast, but it was something. And most importantly it's somewhere to START.

Now if I could just get the muscles in my calves to loosen up, I'd be able to walk without looking like I'm imitating John Wayne after a day in a saddle.


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