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New day

The weekend started with a disappointing gain on the scale [0.5 pounds]; followed by a frustrating attempt to find something flattering to wear to my own daughter's birthday party. I had a lot of fun hanging out with family and friends. I did a lot of dancing with the kids and my brother's girlfriend. I did a HARD workout with my oldest. I made a lot of bad choices with food and beer, and dealt with a lot of regret and self-flaggelation over same. But this is Monday and I'm going to shake off the weekend and give myself a fresh start.

I took the guided strength training {ST} class that I also took last Monday. It's hard, so hard, to get all those reps done. But on the brighter side of life, I managed mostly all the exercises with a higher weight than last week. I only just got back and am a little worried about my ability to use both my arms and legs later, lol. But as Bev, the nicest damn Marquis de'Sade ever, says if you're only going to ST once a week we're gonna make it count. And I think total muscle fatigue is about as "making it count" as a body can be expected to do.

My oldest found the handy little do it yourself tape measure a bought from Curves what feels like a lifetime ago. Saturday morning, after weigh in, I'm going to measure my parts and see if I'm making a difference that just isn't showing up on the scale.

In the meantime, I'm going to the Zumba class all by myself tonight. I'm going to have to since I can't seem to find anyone to go with me. I hope it's fun and not too hard. As I don't know if my arms and legs are going to cooperate with me, lol


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