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All we need is just a little patience

I am normally a fairly patient person.  I've been congratulated and even told that I'm admired for the amount of patience I routinely demonstrate.  But waiting to hear from the doctor on whether or not I need surgery to fix my thumb is driving me fucking bananas and I only got back from the MRI 90 minutes ago, lol! 

I don't want surgery cause 1) it'll hurt; and 2) I've no sick or vacation leave to use and can't afford the time off surgery will require; and 3) even if I did, who in their right mind wants to use vacation time to recover from surgery; and 4) I know rehab follows surgery, they havent' said it but I know it; and 5) I know from previous surgical procedures that anesthesia is NOT my friend.   

But even more than I don't want surgery, I don't want a fucked up thumb.  The past week has shown me how important that fat little digit and it's inherent opposability really is.  You don't realize how much you use your thumb, especially on your non-dominant hand, until you can't.  I wanna be able to wash my hair and pull my panties up without hurting.

Whatever smart-ass comment your thinking right now about how I hurt my thumb in the first place... shove it.

I don't want it but I'll get it if the doctor calls and says I need it.  Now I just gotta wait for the call.....


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