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Hair Everywhere

This was my worst run ever, or at least that I can remember.  I forgot a hair tie and all I had was a plastic jaw clip.  Fine for walking, not for running.  Then it broke and I had all this hot heavy hair laying on skin making me hotter and even more uncomfortable as it bounced around my face.  It landed in my eyes, and even my mouth; at one point it wrapped around my neck like it was trying to strangle me.  I whacked my bad hand on the safety rail.  My hip and knee were angril prostesting the activity.  I never found my groove and it just sucked all around.  I did the minimum I had committed myself to [30 minutes of walk/run intervals] and called it a day. 

This is probably the first time since New Year's that I haven't had to suppress the urge to do more, keep going, try harder, push push push.  and the very fact that I didn't mind doing the minimum told me it was a good idea to keep it easy.  Maybe I'm finally learning how to listen to my body.  Or maybe I just should have remembered to bring a damn hair tie with me.


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