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Laziness or capitalism?

Just a quick pop-in on Saturday night to let the world (a/k/a my Casey) know that I am down 3.3 pounds this week for a total weight loss of nearly 8 pounds since January 8th. In other words I've averaged 2 pounds per week which is right where I want to be. I'm excited and encouraged; especially since the walk/run program seems to be really working out for me. Not only have a pushed myself into a couple non-consecutive longer runs with a great deal of success but because I've been tracking my heart rate at the end of each run interval and it's getting lower!

If you're wondering why that's important, it means my body is adapting and my endurance is building and my cardiovascular is improving. All those things mean that when I do get out and RUN I'll be able to comfortably. And that is more my goal right now than the weight loss. {okay that's not altogether true but not altogether false either, I want both and lucky me, the two go hand in hand!}

I've finally realized that strength training, as boring and abysmal as I find it, is a necessary evil. I need to be sure I incorporate at least 2 sessions of strength training a week if I'm going to accomplish my goals. It may not be fun, but shit, what stuff that's good for you is?

Which reminds of a thought I had earlier. You can get fat with very little effort and stay that way without any further action. But in order to get thin you have to work and work and work and if you stop, unlike gaining weight, your shit starts going in reverse. What the hell is that about? Bad for you is easy and good for you is hard???

No wonder weight loss gadgets, gimmicks and pills is a booming fucking industry of capitalism at its worst! We're all looking for the way to look like we worked hard with doing absolutely nothing. Well no more! I will slay you stupid fitness demon.... I will.


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