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My slow-dorphins & the delivery man

I have such a buzz after a good workout!

My sister-in-law was an athlete in high school. About 5 - 6 Halloweens ago, and after hours of carrying our fat little babies up and down countless steps, hollering Trick or Treat, I was bitching about how tired and sweaty I was. She started telling me about the endorphin high that people get while exercising, working out, running, etc. I thought she was insane cause seriously, who gets happy while they are sweating and panting their way through Dancing to the Oldies?

About twenty minutes after we were home and the kids settled down, I got chipper and chatty and my SIL says WTF? Are your endorphins delayed or something? Turns out they are. I get happy AFTER. Today was no different. I busted my butt and while showering after I got super happy.

On my way back to my 'cage' I run into my best work bud and she's showering me with compliments. "Damn girl you're looking better already! And stronger. Look at you working out every day...." I couldn't help but smile and crack on myself, "Had do something before my ass started needing its own zip code."

Then I hear it, a strange male voice from the alcove right behind me, "Oh my God did you really just say that?" I turn and there is a delivery man waiting for the service elevator. Whoops. I just smiled & shrugged, wasn't like I could take it back and it's not like I was smacking down someone else.

Delivery man says (after making a point to courteously check out said ass): Believe me, you are no where near that. Not even close. Stop worrying.

So between my slow-dorphins & the delivery man... it's been a good afternoon


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