Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Twitter and Nathan Fillion

My brother recommended Twitter.  He knows I like Nathan Fillion’s body of work; he is also a fan and follows the actor on Twitter.  Being not just brother but also a friend, he knows my sense of humor, probably better than anyone else having been subjected to it for longer than anyone else on this big blue orb, and he figured I’d get a laugh out of the actor in addition to enjoying the characters he embodies. So my brother recommended Twitter. 

It didn’t take long for me to start playing with it.  Twitter, not Nathan Fillion.  Which I think is the point or it’s just me following Nathan Fillion which is pretty much the definition of internet stalking…yes?  What I found is endlessly more useful than a quick chuckle.  I have discovered, and I am continuing to discover, a network of other writers.  It would be like AA if AA were fun.  [I’ve never been to AA and if AA is fun I apologize for assuming that it is not.  But based on what I know of it, I imagine it to be emotionally devastating and emotional devastation I don’t think is ever fun. So I get a little leeway for personal opinion here since it is MY blog.  Thanks.] 

I’m writing more now.  But it's more than that. I'm also sharing with these other writers, these incredible people, I'm sharing with them the goofy and the challenging and all the in-between that goes into trying to take something from inside your mind and make it real enough that someone else can see it as clearly as you do.  And in these few weeks I've been making these new connections, and I've been writing every day, I’ve had an editor say “Send me your manuscript I’d love to read it!” on a book I finished more than 2 years ago and then I picked up this blog I haven’t worked on in that same amount of time because I found I need more of an outlet for the all the words I have. 

I know these people through their words; only 140 or less at a time; but when words are your passion maybe that's plenty, because I feel as though I know them and I enjoy that connection.  We share the joys and the despairs, then the  anxiety and insanity. And oh the fear! 

Yeah they make me better.  And you know what?  Nathan Fillion really is a funny guy. 

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