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Is this Withdrawal?

I have a lengthy list of books downloaded to my Kindle just waiting to be read. What I don’t have is a lot of unencumbered time. But I will find some. As God is my witness, I will find the time. [melo-dramatic Scarlett O’Hara moment – totally necessary]

The problem is I’m a compulsive reader. Once I start reading a book I have a hard time putting it down until I’ve read every last word. I have a similar issue when I’m writing but let’s deal with one type of compulsive behavior at a time shall we?     Great.
Okay, so most recently I carved out forty-five minutes for some much needed down time and grabbed Storm Dancer by Rayne Hall, which I’m currently reading. BOOM! Next thing I knew three hours had passed, the water was ice cold and I had puckered from head to toe like a freakish white prune. Did I mention I was in the tub?
I managed to squeeze in a couple short reads both by my friend Nikki Haze. Working Closely and the not yet released Sex Games which will have a full review with cover art and details in the near future [teaser alert, teaser alert]. Those juicy and awesome little nuggets of racy fun fit in the little windows of time I find here and there. It’s the longer books, like Storm Dancer; The Nightlife in Las Vegas by Travis Luedke; The Wolf’s Moon by Patrick Jones; etc., that are calling to me.
I maintain that I’m a creative and intelligent woman. I’ll find a way.
Won’t I?


  1. I forgot Relentless by Winter Austin! Sigh. So many books...so little time.


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