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The Blog that Wasn't

My whole life I’ve been a writer, my imagination just worked that way. Until I joined Twitter I’ve never had like-minded persons to share that with and having a support group of people that “get it” is just incredibly satisfying. An unexpected boon was the creation of my newest vice: Blogs.  =D

Some of my favorites:

Writer Strong: My Obsessive-Compulsive Muse courtesy of Jade Kerrion's twitter feed. Not only did this speak to the cathartic impact of writing but my own, admittedly less serious, issues with compulsive behavior.  

4 Reasons Not to Compare Yourself to Other Writers courtesy of Anne Carpenter's twitter feed & 25 Hard Truths about Writing and Publishing courtesy of Paula Margulies' twitter feed.  Okay who doesn’t really need to hear/read these things every once in a while?

Ksenia  Anske - she disperses humor and advice on her blog, and twitter, every day without exception that I can see.

Skye McCoy – such a funny and generous guy. When I need a break, this is where I go.

Scott D. Southard – I hope he takes this as the compliment it’s meant to be… when I need a nerdy fix, Scott’s my man (Thank you for the Star Wars entry!)

I’m here a lot too:

And there are a couple of publishers whose [editor] blogs I enjoy too:

Whether you’re a fellow writer, a fellow reader or just a fellow blog enthusiast, the above listed nine blogs are IMHO worth a visit.  Toodles!


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