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Review of SEX GAMES: CHOSEN by Nikki Haze


As I’m sure you noticed I’ve put the “Mature Audiences Only” warning up on my blog. There is a very good reason for this:  I am reviewing the book Sex Games: Chosen by the insatiable Nikki Haze. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for an excerpt from the book and information on where you can find more of Nikki on the ‘net. Now, on to the games….

Elita is nervous but excited to be chosen to an elite sexual fraternity where only the most attractive, most eligible co-eds are invited to pledge. SEX GAMES: CHOSEN details Elita’s initiation not only into this society and into several sexual firsts for the young woman after she catches the eye of an important senior member.

As usual, Nikki delivers an incredibly sensual story.  This isn’t a romance.  It’s about young, fit, intelligent, horny, college co-eds exploring their sexuality told in a frank and graphic manner that is both exciting and edgy. Nikki doesn’t pull her punches. 
If you’re looking for heat….

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Elita is busy studying for her chem exam when she receives an invite to the initiation of Wellington University's secret fraternity, the Sex Games. Elita hopes her crush is one of the Chosen but nearly forgets about him when senior, Claire, exposes Elita to her first lesbian experience. Enjoy the steamy first chapter in Elita's Sex Games experience.


“Welcome to the Sex Games,” Claire started ceremoniously. She was up on a platform, sitting on a gold and black velvet thrown, in the center of the room and the group gathered around her. The command in her voice was intoxicating. “If you’ve been Chosen today as a freshman, congratulations. Come forward.” The group split immediately, making way for those who required initiation.

She spread her legs in the chair, her fingers working in and out of her pussy as her gaze swept the crowd. She radiated power and clearly enjoyed putting on a show.

“Girls, kneel. Boys, chose one and line up behind her.”

Elita kneeled right in front of Claire. She wanted a prime view of her pink pussy, glistening wet. She liked the way Claire’s eyes appraised her. Elita remembered the feel of her delicate lips, lathing her pussy as she quivered her released in Claire’s mouth.

There were twelve new Chosen girls and the same number of boys, just as Claire had said. Elita nearly shouted with joy when she spotted Seth lined up at the opposite end of the line. He winked at her before turning a somber expression forward as they were instructed to do.

“Zachary, hand out the plugs.” Senior, Zack Carney passed out those strange plastic devices to the Chosen boys.

“Girls, lean forward on all fours and press your face to the ground.” Almost in unison the girls yielded to her command. Elita followed suit, spreading her legs and pressing her face to the carpet. Elita willed herself not to clench up, as the boys were instructed to insert the butt plugs into their asses.

“You okay, Lita?” Jose Ramirez whispered in Elita’s ear. Jose! She hadn’t even noticed him, or looked behind her to see who was there. Elita was too busy ogling Seth and dealing with whatever was going on between her and Claire. She nodded in answer and sighed; at least it was a friend shoving a plastic toy in her ass.

She looked at him as if to ask the same question and he nodded, his fingers working her asshole open. How strange. They’d just watched trash TV together and ate popcorn last night and now he was pressing a butt plug past her tight opening, his other hand stroking the round curve of her behind.

She groaned as the plastic was pressed past her resistant ass hole. She was done first and waited with her ass bared to the crowd as the other girls groaned and complained, despite Claire’s warning to be silent. It seemed like an eternity until she ordered them to sit up. They were kneeling in a perfect row, assess stuffed full to stretch them out, “for later.”

“Boys, get in front of the girl whose ass you just plugged.” Elita chanced a glance around. The entire group, twenty-four in each class were behind them in a semi-circle. Some of the boys were stroking their cocks as they watched. A few girls were on their knees, licking at their balls.

Claire put a ban on all forms of penetration until she indicated otherwise. Elita heard loud groans from behind her, begging Claire let them cum, but she shook her head no.

Some of the seniors came behind the girls and blindfolded them. She recognized Zack’s cocky laugh as he gently tied the black silk fabric around her head. Elita gasped as she lost sight of Jose’s comforting gaze.

Everything went black and it was just the feel of her incredibly stretched ass. Heavy breathing was highlighted by the anticipation that hung heavy in the air around her, tickling her skin.

“Open your mouths as wide as you can. You’re all about to suck twelve cocks.”

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Nikki Haze is a multi-published erotica author with a large twitter and blog following. She writes about bi-curious and straight characters in decadent situations. She often writes about exhibitionism and group sex; usually both at the same time! She's not satisfied until her climatic scenes end with everyone covered in cum. The craziest place she's ever had sex is her building's lobby. She currently has over 20 titles available on Amazon.


Twitter: Nikki HazeFever

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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