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The Gift (Part Five)

Jocelyn hummed in her throat as her mind accepted as its own the images Gabriel sent.
She felt his strong hands, cool as window glass in late December, slide up her arms. His fingertips grazed her collarbone and plucked at the straps of her camisole, before continuing up her neck and into her hairline. Gooseflesh remained in the wake of his touch as he spread his fingers wide and ran them across her scalp. 
“Your hair feels like silk and moves like water.” He whispered, even his words felt a gentle caress though his lips did not move. “No, my love,” he explained though she hadn't spoken, “we communicate with our minds, having long lost the need for air.” 
She had her hands braced against his bare chest. Jocelyn explored. His skin was pale, yes but not chalky; and pulled taut over sinew and firm muscle. The tissue was firmer than what she would consider normal but not hard. And too cool to be alive. She shivered but not from the cold, she shivered from the heat she felt inside.   
Gabriel answered the question her mind hadn’t yet formed as his fingers caressed her nape and the other hand ran down the exposed column of her neck. She felt his words as much as she heard them. “I feel the heat, too.  We all do, when we feed.  And when we mate.”
Jocelyn remembered how it had felt to share his “meal” on the train. The redhead’s blood had tasted sweeter than the most expensive wine she’d ever had. There was no revulsion now. She didn’t sense the heat before but now steeped in Gabriel she writhed in it. Her sex tightened and Joceyln moaned wantonly. She wrapped her legs and arms around him like a vise.
Unknowingly, she pulled his head to her throat, placed his mouth over the vein that pulsed there.  Gabriel suckled as he held her and with his mind told her she’d have to ask for it if that was what she wanted.  She told him what he wanted to hear and he bit into her throat as she climaxed.
Jocelyn woke up screaming in equal parts pain and pleasure from the dream she hadn’t known was a dream. She fumbled with the lamp, relaxing slightly when the light came on and showed her she was alone in the room. She stumbled from the bed, tossing the covers that had tangled around her legs to the floor, and tripped to the mirror. After thoroughly checking her neck, and satisfied that her body had no more holes than she’d gone to sleep with, she turned on every light in her apartment, dug out her box set of Friends - The Complete Series and desperately tried to ignore that she was aroused.
And how aware she was that Gabriel was standing just outside.


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