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98% Excited, 2% Scared or Maybe....

In just two weeks (fourteen days to be exact) Fated Souls will be released. The excitement is rivaled only by the nerves. It’s a good nervous. I think.


Yeah that about sums it up…. I swear people underestimate the relevance of that movie to everyday life ;) 

Ever watch an awards show where someone says “It was such an honor just to be nominated!”? I always laugh; figuring that was such a crock. Everyone wants to win. But I think I get it now. I’m excited just to have been published.

I’ve heard a lot about royalties and sales figures lately. I’ve read a ton of theories, questions, and suggestions about marketing and publicity. Did some investigating into branding (if you’re wondering – branding is about selling yourself versus selling your book), yuck. I’ve been working for hours a day, querying different bloggers and reviewers asking (a/k/a politely begging haha) for them to read and review my book so that their fans/readers/followers might want to go buy my book. All in the name of sales for a book that isn’t yet available for sale.

Here’s the rub, ladies and gents….I don’t really care about making money off the book, nor do I expect to make very much, even it if sells well. Which doesn’t mean I don’t want it to sell well, I do because that means people like it and I want people to like it ‘cause if they like IT, I can infer they also like me by extension (Oh I’m doing an awful and desperate impersonation of Sally Field getting her Oscar in my head right now). And I also want it to do well because that makes getting the next book published a real possibility instead of a pipe-dream.

Let’s not forget the always anxiety producing reality that a reviewer that does in fact say “yes” may not like it and then I’ve got a public “YOU SUCK AND SO DOES YOUR BOOK” hanging over my head for all infinity or however long the internet lasts. And let’s face it the internet will probably survive the Texas-sized asteroid sure to eventually destroy all humanity.

Okay I’m nervous about my book coming out, but proud I’ve been published. I’ve decided that being published is a victory all its own, enough so it doesn’t matter if the book sells well. But I need it to sell well in order to feel like I’m successful and to get future works published. In order to effectuate this success I’ve been working my ass off to get others to review my book, running the risk of getting a bad review in the process which is making me even more nervous. 

I’ve gone from a little crazy to EPICALLY SO….awesome =D

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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