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Hot Heroes Faceoff - Round 2

Crimson Romance Authors Heat Things Up! ROUND TWO

The two Crimson Romance heroes squaring off today are ready for battle! Round 1 winner, the immortal Chago from SEAL OF SURRENDER by Traci Douglass is squaring off against challenger Dylan Bond, International War Journalist from IN LOVE ANDWAR by Tara Mills. How are our heroes feeling about this next round?

Chago left late last night, summoned for a top-secret mission at an undisclosed location with no mention of a solid return date. Such is the life of a Scion warrior. Traci was able to slip a small digital camera to Barron, Chago's youngest brother, with instructions for him to try and get me some photos of Chago in the field. We'll see what he sends back... :) And there are always satellite phones and e-mail. So never fear ladies, Traci will make sure Chago is well accounted for during Round 2!

Dylan's taking it all in stride, tolerating his heroine's high protein, low carb diet, but he does have some terms. No gladiator costume. No g-strings or tear away pants. No dancing and shaking his family jewels for votes (It's disturbing and this is NOT Magic Mike.). "There's not enough alcohol in the world to get me through something like that," he told his author, Tara. Tara does promise Dylan will be baring some skin on Tuesday, whether he realizes it or not!

Cast your vote TODAY, April 30th! #TeamChago #TeamDylan

Join the conversation on Twitter, get updates on how the heroes are training and pick a team. #HotHeroFaceoff

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Join us next Tuesday May 7th when MY hero Aidan Gael of Fated Souls goes up against today's winner!


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