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The Gift (Part Nine)

            Jocelyn answered the door without looking through the peephole. It never occurred to her that Gabriel would ring the bell. When she pulled it wide and saw him standing there, her heart galloped against her ribcage. She found it curious that it wasn’t fear making her pulse race. Belatedly she remembered he knew her thoughts as well as she did.
“Why are you here?” She asked aloud.
“Why do you insist on using your voice when you know it is unnecessary?”
“Gabriel, I know that my particular affliction isn’t common. How do you communicate with other humans?” She refused to speak with him telepathically. She was human, even if he was not.
“The same way I’m communicating with you.” His exasperation moved through her. “Can I come in?” She didn’t invite him, nor did she move to allow him access to her home.
“How is it they don’t notice that your lips aren’t moving?”
“I plant the suggestion that they are. Humans accept what their minds tell them is true.”
“Like the images you’ve been forcing into my dreams.” It was an accusation, not a question.
“Sharing with you, Bella.” He corrected. His tone honeyed. “Please. We need to talk. You are in danger.”
“From someone other than you?”
“If you were in any danger from me, Jocelyn, you’d have felt my bite by now.”
She considered his words and the inherent truth of them. Every evening since she’d met him, but one, she had been vulnerable on her way home from work. And if he can alter the minds of humans so easily, he could've manipulated her into succumbing to his seduction weeks ago. He hadn’t. Even now he’s left her the option of shutting the door to him.
Yet something about his eyes suggested that Gabriel was different tonight, that he had an edge to him she hadn’t encountered before. She didn’t think it wise to let him in. However, if what he said was true and she was in danger, she needed to know. He'd yet to lie to her that she knew of. Cautiously - she pushed the door wide.
“Come inside, Gabriel.” She didn’t know, didn’t realize, that she had spoken the words with her mind.
She didn’t see him move; he was that fast. She felt the air swirl around her before his arms bound her to him. The wall met her back. And his mouth took hers in a kiss the likes of which she’d previously only dreamed.


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