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Hot Heroes Faceoff - Round 4

Hot Heroes Faceoff Round 4

The Battle goes paranormal on Tuesday June 4th!

Crimson Romance authors love their leading men and are willing to fight for them. Join us on June 4th for Round 4 of the Hot Heroes Faceoff! The eventwill last all day with the heroes posting details about themselves and their books—and yes, there will be many hot photos as the heroes rally for votes!

Our two heroes squaring off this week are horse rancher, shape-shifting wolf, and Round 3 Winner, Aidan Gael from Fated Souls by Becky Flade and challenger Brock Rashwe, a hot Elvin Vampyre from The Garnet Dagger by Andrea Cooper.

Here’s a little background on these paranormal hotties:

Aidan Gael lives in forced solitude with his secrets and his grief. He spends the days on his ranch in the sunlight with his horses. But his nights are spent in the forest, running through the trees as the wolf, Gealach. This handsome green-eyed man guards his heart even better than he does his secrets. Tragedy has defined him; a curse binds him; and he is determined to protect the woman that loves him – from him.

Brock Rashwe, an Elvin, has lived over millennia, but the world of man fascinates him, until he is bitten by a vampyre. Prophecy demands he find a witch; pierce her heart and draw her blood. And when that same witch, Celeste, charms her way into his soul…will he accept his curse or fulfill the prophecy?
Aidan and Brock are currently undergoing intense training with their authors and virtual coaches. How’s it going so far, Aidan?

“I don’t consider myself a paranormal creature. But then I don’t consider myself a hero either. I was cursed and then I was saved by love, by fate, and by my Maggie. If you want a hero, talk to her. As for preparation – I am living each day to its fullest with my family. That’s all I can do; all I want to do.” 

We asked Brock if he was ready to square off against one hot Aidan. His response:

 “I was never mortal in the human sense. I endeavor to have a fair fight with this wolf-man. Though his plight is only with the sunset…while mine is a constant reminder of that fateful evening when I was bitten by a vampire. I will ensure that I do not come in contact with him or this battle will be over as my curse devours him.”

Two men enter, one man leaves. Who will it be? That's for you to decide. Join us at:

Join the conversation on Twitter, get updates on how the heroes are training, and pick a team.

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