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You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth

Books, at least the ones I write, don't finish the same way they started. Fated Souls started as short story. And that' wasn't its name. That story is now a scene you can find about half way through the book. Maggie's name has always been Maggie O'Connell and she's always looked exactly as she does. Aidan has always been Aidan Gael and he's looked just like he does. Gealach didn't change either. But almost everything else about them, including the town and the cast of characters, grew as the story did. After Crimson Romance accepted the book for publication, things changed yet again. Aidan and Maggie's story got smaller and the name of the book telling their story was ultimately changed.

Music plays a very big part in the telling of Maggie and Aidan's story because it's a very big part of how Maggie defines herself as person; her music even informs her wardrobe choices. And I listened to all the music mentioned in the book. I listen to all the bands whose concert tee's Maggie wears. Her playlists are my playlists. The only artist, album, or song not mentioned that did play a big part in the creation of Fated Souls is that which inspired the original and now discarded title - You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth by the inimitable Meatloaf.

I've attached original concert footage here. This is the version I was inspired by while writing. Enjoy!

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