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And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

Hi – You may have noticed that I’ve been missing lately. Unfortunately, I’ve been out of commission for a variety of boringly pedestrian reasons. But I’m back now & I have exciting news!

My erotic spy thriller Goddess of the Hunt is now available as an audio book ;) I’m excited about this and hope you will be too. I love, love, love the idea of you or someone like you trapped in the stop-and-go traffic of rush hour, listening to the sexy Lily Horne read my words. She really brought Paige and Eoin to life…check out this sample!


You can pick it up at any of these locations:  AUDIBLE  ♥  AMAZON  ♥  iTunes

And of course the e-book is still available at all the regular haunts. You'll find easy links on the page dedicated to Goddess above.

Last? A request, well a reminder really: Show your favorite authors some love and/or constructive criticism by posting honest reviews, particularly on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, etc. Make your opinions known.

That’s it for me. ♥ But I’ll be back.


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