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Tired of barely legal girls getting their asses beat by ba-jillionaires? Wish you could find a book with a heroine you have something in common with? I have a recommendation for you. 

As I’m fairly forthcoming with my musical preferences, it’s not a secret that I love rock n roll. From the time I started spinning teenage fantasies, there was always that one about the lead singer of a rock band falling madly in love/lust with me. Enter Rhett Davis, a woman grown, widowed in her early forties, with a grown, married daughter and a 25 year long crush on Rhys James the lead singer of her favorite band. She let herself get comfortable – anyone over thirty knows what that means – and now she needs to start her life anew. But after learning something that destroys what she has left of the life she’d built for herself since high school, she packs up and moves to the big city. Where she promptly saves the man of her dreams on the side of the highway. Now Rhett has to navigate her new life and her new love in a rock n roll spotlight.

I can’t explain how much I loved this book. It’s so freaking rare anymore to find a heroine that I connect with as I did Rhett. YA and ingĂ©nue romance have overtaken the field and I’m not blaming anyone for it, but it’s been a long-ass time since I was worried about college finals and the next kegger. I have a life, career, family, children, which is to say that I already have a full life complete with the complications, demands and obligations that entails. So does Rhett and that makes her the single most relatable heroine I’ve had the pleasure to ‘meet’.

Rhys breaks the stereotype associated with aging rocker and he it was almost as joyful getting to know him as it was Rhett. Their love affair had me sighing, laughing and lusting but - in huge kudos to Juli Page Morgan – it never felt forced.

It was just fantastic all around. I give it every star, heart, lips, whatever rating you prefer, it scores full marks. When I’d finished, I started over and read it again because I didn’t want to let the characters go. And I am more than eager to get my hands on the sequel (not yet released).

TO find out more about Juli and her books, but especially about SISTER GOLDEN HAIR hop on over to http://julipagemorgan.com/books/sister-golden-hair/

I would love to have you come back and comment with your thoughts on the book after you’ve read it.


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