Thursday, April 16, 2015

Be a Hero - Send a Daisy

My oldest daughter was gravely ill as an infant, having contracted Pertussis (Whopping Cough) before she was old enough to receive the vaccine. She spent close to a month in the ICU and there were times the medical staff advised me that they didn’t expect her to survive the ordeal. But survive she did!
She was left with a variety of respiratory issues that meant we spent a lot of time in hospitals during her childhood. Although none were as terrifying as the first experience that she, thankfully, doesn’t remember, they all sucked. The only thing worse than a sick child in pain is a bored, unhappy, sick child in pain. I spent many hours creating ways to make my little girl smile.

When I saw that Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (“CHOP”) had created a program for the delivery of a daisy with a personal message to their pediatric cancer patients, I jumped on the chance to cheer up one of these brave kids.

It’s free. It’s fast. But most of all it is worthwhile.

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