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Review of Scarless & Sacred by Bethany-Kris

Secrets and wars leave the deepest scars.

Evelina Conti has always worn a mask. She is an Outfit principessa, respected and adored. She wasn’t allowed to be anything else. Her father went from a grieving husband to the Outfit boss, and now that Riley heads the family, Eve is more suffocated than ever. No matter how much she hates it, the Conti princess still has a role to play. A little attention from Theo DeLuca seems innocent enough, but nothing is when it comes to him. And certainly not when everyone believes that Theo is out to kill her.

Theo DeLuca has a target on his back. His biggest problem is figuring out who put it there when everyone is aiming at him. He doesn’t need a woman causing him issues, but the Conti princess keeps showing up at the worst times, and he’s the one left saving her. Between the men surrounding him that Theo can’t trust, and the past he can’t outrun, Evelina might be the one thing he doesn’t have to question. But when Riley decides to use Eve as his next move, even Theo might not be able to save her.

The war in Chicago is not even close to being over. This game is deadly. Each hand played cuts another mark into someone else. The Outfit boss is struggling while the men around him are rallying. As the body count continues to rise, the families keep losing.

Sacrifices are a part of war. No one will walk away from this without scars.


PLEASE NOTE: Scarless & Sacred is not intended to be read as a standalone in this series. It is the third book in the series and should be read after the first two books. Trigger Warning: Scarless features graphic violence and scenes of past abuse.


This series is so well layered, each book adding a new piece to the whole and introducing a new couple to suffer with while they find love inside a War zone. Eve and Theo are fantastic together, and apart. I would recommend this series to any one, man or woman. Because it's more than just a romance, it's more than just a mafia drama. It's a universe where even on a bright beautiful day, blood can run in the streets. If you enjoyed the Godfather movies or, more recently, Sons of Anarchy, Sopranos, etc., this is definitely in your wheelhouse. But the author is right when she suggests you read books one and two first.

Eve is tired of playing a role, being used as a pawn in a mafia power struggle and she turns to the only man that has ever challenged her to be more than what was expected of her - Theo. Our hero isn't lily white and I like him that way. He carries deep wounds and that makes him more real. He treats Eve like a woman instead of a principessa and finds his own salvation along the way.

The events in this book clearly set up Book 4 and I'm waiting on pins and needles for it.


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