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My heart will go on like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong

I call bullshit.

First, you see Jack & his friend win tickets at a poker game minutes before the Titanic launches. You see him board the ship, etc. If he was a figment of Rose’s imagination or a symptom of a psychotic break, we wouldn’t have seen him – on screen – until his first interaction with Rose when he convinces her not to kill herself. Further, no one else would address him in the remainder of the film, make eye contact, have a conversation like his private conversation with Molly Brown regarding his tux size, or any of a number of interactions between Jack and other persons on board the ship: Cal, Cal’s majordomo, the ship’s porter, and on.

My heart will go on… sorry I digress. As I was saying, bullshit called.

The only recent movie theory to annoy me more is the one claiming Sandy from Grease was dead or dying the whole time!  I mean come on. Really?  I figured out more than twenty years ago that the car flying off into the clouds while Sandy waved goodbye was a metaphor for the loss of her virginity. The whole movie is about whether or not Sandy loves Danny enough to give up her V-card and does he deserve her gift. Sigh.

Next thing you know someone is going to try to convince the world that Roadhouse is *really* about pacifism.


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