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It's been awhile

It occurred to me that I've been running a lot of book blasts, cover reveals, interviews and giveaways but I haven't done an original post in a long time. Now the question became what do I want to talk about?

Almost all I think about these days is my little brother. He was struck and killed by a drunk driver. Christopher was only 35 years old and the father of two small boys. Chris was a goofy guy with the kindest heart. He didn't know how to be mean. And had really bad taste in music. He worked hard, loved harder and was truly the most loyal person I ever met.

You're prepared, to some extent, to lose elderly family members. Yes, it's sad. Yes, you grieve. But when your grandparents are ill and in pain, there's a certain degree of relief in their passing. Because the people you lost lived long, full lives and deserved to pass in peace, without pain. Losing the youngest of us, so suddenly, so avoidably, it's wrenching. It's not something for which anyone can prepare.

You just have to learn how to live with it.

I haven't figured out how. Not yet. I don't know that I will. My family has always been very close knit. We're affectionate people that don't just love one another but enjoy each other as well. We're a unit. And we're missing a part of the whole that we'll never get back.

I'm sorry for the sad post. Apologize for dragging you down with me, if I did. I'm not looking for condolences - I don't think I can tolerate thanking another person - I just needed to write.

Christopher T. Flade
August 1981 - March 2017
If you'd like to do something to honor my brother, please donate to Mother's Against Drunk Driving. And never get behind the wheel under the influence. 


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