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Location, location, location

You’ve heard the phrase: location, location, location?  It’s a real estate mantra meant to emphasize the location of the house can ultimately be the most important element in the decision to buy. And if you watch any of those real estate shows on cable television with any type of regularity, you’re nodding your head right now in agreement.

For an author, location is a completely different ball of wax altogether. We’re talking about where the story is set. In science fiction it’s often a brand new world of the author’s design or a hypothetical version of one we all recognize. Historical romance takes a great deal of time, trouble and research to guarantee the setting is accurate to the era the author or her characters chose. Westerns… well, you get the idea. 

And sometimes the location/setting becomes its own character. Daphne DeMaurier's Rebecca wouldn't be Rebecca with Manderley. Can you imagine Harry's adventures anywhere except within the walls of Hogwart's Castle?

My first book, a romantic novella, was set in Washington D.C. by necessity: it was about the First Daughter and the head of her Secret Service detail. And I have a series of erotic spy thrillers set all over the world due to the nature of those stories. And while my full length romances all have characters from the Philadelphia area, they’re set in a fictional town in Minnesota. My upcoming release, A Love Restrained, is the first of my books set in my hometown, Philadelphia.

Writing about fictional persons falling in love amidst triumphs, tragedies, and an almost unfair level of danger, in such familiar surroundings as the very neighborhood in which I live was exhilarating. Not having to research geography, weather patterns, vernacular provided the opportunity to really delve deeper than I ever have into the characters and their motivations. And I think the end result is my best story to date.

I guess it really is all about location.

For more information about A Love Restrained, releasing worldwide on October 4th, including cover art and an excerpt, please see: http://www.tirgearrpublishing.com/authors/Flade_Becky/a-love-restrained.htm 

To pre-order A Love Restrained:

Kindle US http://amzn.to/2wzC8rc  
Kindle UK http://amzn.eu/5G6ZPN9   


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