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Brainy and ambitious Genny Montgomery is the girl no boy had ever looked at twice until Hank Moretti came back into her life during their senior year of high school and thrust her into the popular crowd.
 Their relationship in college isn't quite as romantic in college.  When Genny becomes Dr. Max Lewis' teaching assistant, they have to fight their mutual attraction for each other.
 A murder mystery writer, who lives next door, gives Genny an advanced copy of his book. The love triangle she's become involved in could prove deadly when one of the two men decide to use the plot line for revenge.
The girl’s scowl, obviously directed at Genny, made her want to crawl into a hole. This cheerleader had raven hair and dark, contemptuous eyes. Her features perfectly matched her odious demeanor.
Hank proudly announced, “This is my new girlfriend, GG.”
“Our table is full. We don’t have room for anyone else.” Genny had no idea of how to react to the rude girl not so kindly attempting to get rid of her.
Hank’s grip on her hand tightened as he shot the cheerleader an ominous glare. His square jaw set determinedly, and the muscles on both sides of it flexed. “That’s okay, Kenzie. We can go sit somewhere else.”
Genny noticed there was only one seat left at the table that just so happened to be beside of Kenzie. Before Hank could even turn around, one of the other football players grabbed a chair from the table behind them and placed it next to the one where he had been sitting. “Come on, buddy. You’re the QB. You have to sit with us.” The boy then rushed around the table to flop down in the empty chair.
Genny recognized Ted Stewart as the guy who made sure she had a place at their table, and who also claimed the title of Hank’s best friend while chatting freely with her. His wavy hair was only a little longer and a shade darker than Hank’s. He was slightly shorter and thinner than her boyfriend. His blue eyes were bright and his dark eyebrows and thick eyelashes made them pop. The two teens could easily be mistaken for brothers.
The other football players included her in their conversation. Kenzie crossed her arms defiantly and exhibited a look that could kill. Her reaction had been sheer displeasure when Ted sat down next to her. She whispered something that was most likely offensive in his ear, but he ignored her. Her continuous stare was intensely fixed across the table.
Genny felt on edge in the company of the execrable girl who appeared to be plotting her demise. Evidently, the other cheerleaders had accepted Kenzie as their dictator, because they followed her cues and did not speak either. She was genuinely allayed when the bell rang.
Hank escorted her to the door of the lunch room. “Will you be all right walking to your next block alone. I need to go over some football strategies with Ted.”
“Sure. I’ll be fine.”
Genny took a few steps away from the door, and Hank hastily retreated inside. She moved forward with curiosity and could see him through the window on one of the double doors that remained closed. He caught up with Kenzie and grabbed her arm. Their exchange did not appear to be friendly from her vantage point. After the girl stomped off in what she surmised was defeat, she turned and hurried to her next class to avoid being tardy.
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Author Bio for G.C. Meadows
My love for writing started with poetry and short stories in elementary school. The past seven years have been spent harnessing my vivid imagination into three series of contemporary and historical romance novels. My books are meant to entertain and promote love, the greatest emotion known to human kind. Even through trials and tragedies, including a murder or more, the heroines in my tales always have a happy ending (or happy for now until the sequel) with a man they profoundly love.
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Message from G.C. Meadows

The main characters in my books grow emotionally and learn from their mistakes. After all the struggles and heartache thrown their way, they end up happy and in a loving relationship. This is my wish for each and every one of my readers. May life give you the best it has to offer.


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