Monday, October 23, 2017

The Spider Under the Bed

When I dream, it's vivid. As in my brain doesn't recognize that I'm dreaming and I respond, often physically, trying to run, etc. Now I remember only the second part of this exchange, as I was asleep at first, but I'm told it started a little something like this:

Me: Watch out for the spider.
Hubz: What spider?

Me: The really big one under the bed.

From here I remember:

Hubz: Babe, babe, wake the fuck up!

Me: What do you want?

Hubz: What spider?

Me:  What? Spider?

Hubz: You said there was a spider under the bed.

Me: Oh. I think I was dreaming.

Hubz: You think you were dreaming or you were dreaming?!

Me:  Well, it was wearing a helmet, so I’m pretty sure I was dreaming.

 Can you believe he got mad at me for that????

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