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Becky’s Concert Series set no.1

I’ve written about music enough for any one who follows my blog, even peripherally, should realize music is important to me. My parents shared their diverse taste with my brothers and I – music, movies, and books are literally a Flade family passion. On my way to work today, the crew on the morning radio show I listen to, Preston & Steve on Philly’s own 93.3 WMMR, were sharing their first concert experiences and well…I freaking love going to concerts. And so I give to you the first in Becky’s Concert Series


It was September 1984, my mom took me to see Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five’s Victory Tour at John F. Kennedy Stadium. I was eight years old. She was twenty-six.  It was the last time Michael toured with his family and my only visit to the iconic JFK Stadium before it was demolished in 1992. My mom’s baby brother, only 23 years old at the time, came with us.

They searched our bags and wanded us at the gate. That was a first for me too. And the foil wrappers on my mom’s Juicy Fruit chewing gum set off the metal detector. I spent the entire concert on my feet; specifically on the seat of a wooden folding chair on the field, singing and dancing until I was hoarse. I wore white canvas bo-bos (Keds weren’t a thing yet), blue jeans with ripped out knees and my knock-off Thriller jacket. We had the best time. And my love of concerts was born.

There’s a picture of me that day, not long before we left for the show, out front of our small brick row home in Frankford (that’s a neighborhood in Philly for those who don’t know) arms spread wide and smiling from ear to ear. I can’t find it and think my mom may have it, but I found this completely unrelated photo on the internet that makes me almost as happy as I was the day my mom took me to the Victory Tour in '84


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