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Movie Adaptations: It was the Worst of Times

Some time ago I ran post titled Movie Adaptations: It was the Best of Times listing my favorite adaptations with the promise of the companion piece. I submit for your enjoyment

It was the Worst of Times

We all know the movie never does the book any justice. Here are the ones I think sucked big time:

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, do I need to explain WHY this one made the cut? Ender's Game; Flowers in the Attic - no. Just no. Hell no; and The Last Airbender. Okay, yeah, I know Nickelodeon's Avatar was a cartoon and not a book. But flying hog monkeys it was deep, an excellent display of storytelling, and the live action movie was crap. 

Nearly any feature film length adaptation of a Stephen King horror novel (not the adaptations of his dramatic short stories I praised in Best), to be fair, I haven't seen nor will I see the new It cause, ya know, clowns; and The Dark Tower would've been a fun/exciting movie if I hadn't read the book, but alas, I did and I'm aware it too is a Stephen King. It pains me to call out Harry Potter, it truly does, but Goblet of Fire did NOT do the book justice. 

True Blood, the HBO series was great - so long as you didn't read the books - and clearly defined the difference between inspired by and adapted from; and since I've gone vampire, the movies based on Anne Rice's books in large part weren't bad they just weren't as good with the obvious exception of the floundering turd-rocket Queen of the Damned. Matter of fact most vampire movies based on vampire books don't meet the mark Cirque de Freak, Twilight, and Salem's Lot (I promise I'm not trying to pick on Mr. King) to name a few.  I'm going to stop here ‘cause I'll be up all night if I don't.

Hungry for more? Turns out several bloggers ran with this same idea the last few years. This is a pretty good list:  http://www.tasteofcinema.com/2016/the-15-worst-book-to-film-adaptations-of-all-time/ 


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