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Suspenseful Healing & On Sale! FATED HEARTS #MFRWHooks

The Fated Series book #2
Henley Elliott lives in self-induced exile, running from one place to the next. Sheriff Carter McAlister can’t run from his nightmares. Fate brings these scarred hearts together but danger threatens to tear them apart.

A sample of reviews for FATED HEARTS:
“A good, solid, well written and fun read. I’m looking forward to the next book.” -- Long and Short Reviews
"This is a satisfying Who-Done-It with a flair for romance readers" -- InD'Tale Magazine 
"If you like suspense stories or... healing narratives, check out FATED HEARTS. You won't be disappointed." -- The Romance Reviews 
“This romantic suspense novel is a quick, fun read that brings back the protagonists from Flade’s Fated Souls as secondary characters.” -- The Library Journal 
Enjoy this excerpt from FATED HEARTS:
He ascended the few steps onto the porch with caution and halted beside the open door. He heard nothing but the sounds of the forest and his own even breathing. Carter’s heart pounded with adrenaline, but his hands were steady as he freed his flashlight from his belt. He stepped into the doorway and shined his light in a wide arc. Seeing nothing on his initial scan, he flipped the switch for the overhead. He moved through one room at a time, checking everywhere a person could hide. With the cabin being an intimate space, the search didn’t take long. He stepped back out on the porch and hollered, “It’s safe.”
Henley let herself out of the car, her purse and a shopping bag in her hands.
“Any chance of you not mentioning my emotional state when I arrived to Mags?” Carter asked Aidan in a confidential tone. “I don’t want her to worry or for anything to get back to the family that will cause them to jump to conclusions.”
“Little to none, brother. Little to none.” When Henley reached the bottom of the stairs, Aidan still grinned at him. “Since the sheriff has this in hand, I’ll be making my way home. Maggie’s probably frantic by now.”
“Thank you, Aidan.”
“No problem, Henley. Good night.” They stood in silence as he slid into the shadow outside the perimeter of the porch light and, with little disruption to the forest, disappeared.
“That man moves like a wraith,” Henley noted. “Fast too. I’d barely disconnected with Maggie.”
“I need you to come in and see if anything’s missing,” Carter redirected her attention. He followed her in, closing the door behind them. She spent a few minutes scanning the living room. She went up to the loft while he moved into the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. He was pouring two mugs when she joined him.
“It looks like most everything is there.”
“Most everything?”
“I keep the place neat, ’cause that’s how I am, and my stuff together, out of habit. The only thing I can’t find is a necklace. Not expensive, no sentimental value. I’m not sure when I wore it last. But I don’t see it. I could’ve just lost it.”
“Or someone could have taken it.” He watched her add cream and sugar to her cup. He sat. He wasn’t ready to leave. Not without answers.
“Who could it have been?”
“Kids, maybe. But there’s beer in the fridge, electronics, and the place wasn’t trashed or vandalized, so I don’t think it was. We get people hunting around here when it isn’t hunting season and despite the private property signs that are posted. But for what purpose?” He blew over the surface of his coffee and took a long sip. “It feels personal, Doc. Taking a trinket, leaving the door open. Terror tactics. Subtle ones, but still. And I think you know who it is.”

The Fated Series book #2


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