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Will love be worth the risk? #MFRWHooks

Book #3 in The Fated Series

Former shortstop, Gabriel Foxx, isn’t looking for anything but a casual, friendly fling. Prickly divorcee Jenna Gavin isn’t even looking for that. But the more she tries to keep Gabe at arm's length, the more determined he is to break down her walls. When friendship grows complicated and mutual desire just isn't enough, will love be worth the risk?

"Fans of contemporary romance will fall for this tale of modern-day star-crossed lovers and Ms. Flade's diverse syntax stylings." -- InD'Tale magazine

"This book was full of emotions that you could just feel dripping off the pages!!!" -- Fabulous and Brunette 

Enjoy this excerpt from FATED DESIRES:
She sat where he’d put her, tracing the pattern of the fabric with her finger and staring at him. It had to be a mirage. A trick of the flames reflected in her irises, making her stormy gray eyes appear molten. She licked her lips in a provocative fashion he thought deliberate.

Shit. His body reacted of its own accord. She’d been the subject of his desire for weeks now. He’d fantasized about this, her guard down, the sensuality she suppressed in full force. What hadn’t featured in his musings was Jenna too drunk to know what or whom she was doing.


“How about some coffee?”

“I can think of better ways to stay up all night.” She fairly purred, and he wished his mama hadn’t raised him to be a decent man.

“Tempting, sugar. You have no idea how tempting. But for now I think we’ll stick with the coffee.” He walked away, while he still could. “How do you take it?”

He didn’t hear her cross the room, but she had her arms around his waist before he reached the kitchen. Her breasts pressed into his back and her breath brushed his nape. The air around him had gone frigid. Unnaturally so, but despite Cass’s wrath, his body heated. I’m burning up.

“Such a loaded question. How about fast and hard, then slow and easy, and we’ll go from there? I don’t smell Christmas on you.”

“You’re killing me, Jenna.” He pried her hands away from his jeans, where she attempted to unfasten the button. He needed to get her hands off him. He turned, holding her away from him by her arms. “I’m sorry for this, but the answer is no.”

“You don’t want me.” Her lip quivered and her eyes filled. They were molten. “I thought, I thought you did. You said…”

“I did. I do. I meant what I said, and if you were sober, we’d already be in bed.” He burned for her. “Screw the bed, we’d be on the sofa. But it’s not going to happen. Not like this.”


Book #3 in The Fated Series


  1. This is great, Becky! Unsatisfied desire is sometimes hotter than giving in.

  2. Stunning cover! And I like how he doesn't want to take advantage of her. :-)

    1. He has a moment on the next page where he prays for strength trying to put her to bed.

  3. Replies
    1. Gabe's probably my favorite person in Fated Desires. Thanks for hopping by

  4. They don't make men like this anymore, do they? Curious to know what happens next? Well done.

    1. Gabe was a later in life surprise for his mama, who had all grown daughters until him, he's spoiled - sure - but he's sensitive too.


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