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Friendship. Secrets. Murder.

When her best friend, Sawyer Gavin, roars into town on his motorcycle, Tala Gael thinks life couldn’t get any better. What she couldn’t have anticipated was his appearance heralding a time of change in her quiet, comfortable existence.

With her life turned upside down, Tala resists Sawyer’s advances, clinging to the familiar. Tragedy changes her mind, but as she takes the leap of faith into Sawyer’s arms, they find themselves suspects in a murder investigation. And Tala learns she’s not the only person in Trappers’ Cove keeping an impossible secret.

Jealousy is when you worry someone will take what you have; envy is coveting what someone else has; and both can lead to murder.

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That inspiration shines through on the page, as characters interact with a lived-in chemistry that feels like they've been living long before you flipped the page, and will continue to do so long after...The natural dialogue sizzles and slides, invoking the feeling of watching a conversation between two real people rather than reading a novel. - Northeast Times


“Do you feel that?” he asked.

“Of course I do, Sawyer. It’s pressing into my hip.”

He laughed, he blushed, and Tala tried with all her being not to be seduced. 

“Not that. Well, not just that.” He tucked his finger under her chin and raised her face until their mouths aligned.

Tala held her breath. Did he mean to kiss her? Why aren’t I backing away?

“Can’t you feel how right this is? I can feel you in every bit of me, Tee. It’s an awareness that is always with me, like the sensation of being watched but better. It’s the knowledge that we belong together. That we fit. Be honest—don’t you feel it too?”

She twisted away, but he held on. He keeps pushing me.

“What if I said I did? Then what? When it falls apart, we’ve lost more than a lover. We’ve each lost our best friend.” She touched his cheek. “I couldn’t live with that. You’re too important. Let it go.”

“Who says it’ll fall apart? Why would it? Who is your mom’s best friend? Your dad’s?” He did not wait for an answer. “Why can’t we have both too?”

She didn’t have an answer. She was too proud to admit she was too afraid to risk it. She closed her eyes against the weight of his stare and the truth reflected in it. She wouldn’t give him what he wanted. She loved him too much.

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  1. Interesting bit here. She loved him too much to give him what he wanted? That raises questions

  2. Ooohhh, don't be scared to grab that forever kind of love, girl! :)

  3. Oh dear never turn from forever love. Questions abound. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So much raw emotion in the short scene. I love it.

  5. Her reason for holding says a lot about her as a person. It makes me wonder what her wound is.

  6. A tough situation to be in. Losing a best friend is worse than losing a lover. Still, he obviously sees something special between them. Beautifully written.
    Naughty Netherworld Press