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Location, Location, Location #MFRWHooks


A new romantic thriller authored by Philly native Becky Flade and set in the heart of Philadelphia releases worldwide on 18-Oct & is specially priced for Kindle at $1.49 https://amzn.to/3S9dj08

Every book in my #PhillyHeatSeries is set in Philadelphia. My hometown is known for many things, not all of them are necessarily positive, but I love it. And the city has become as much a character in these books as the heroines, the heroes, and the villains. The sports, the history, the food, the arts, the educational opportunities, the community, the pride and sense of family, these are all Philly too. 

“I like it when it’s this early. The sun barely broke over the horizon. Less traffic, fewer pedestrians. At one red light, you see the prostitutes and dealers finishing their shifts. At the next red light, you see office workers trudging along icy pavements on their way to begin theirs. It’s a diorama of the city, set in a pearly glow. Trudy bit off a chunk of warm, flaky, buttery, chocolate filled croissant. Inhaled the rich aroma of fresh coffee. Yeah, mornings are good.”


In the rubble of a massive explosion that rocked Philadelphia, bones are discovered beneath the remains of a row house. 

Assistant Chief Medical Examiner Trudy Beasley prides herself on providing answers and closure to victim's families, but the mystery surrounding the skeletal remains is something she's never seen before. Could whoever did this still be loose in the city? Trudy’s instincts demand she pursue the truth.

Forensic anthropologist Benjamin Roberts disagrees. Ben sees the puzzle as an academic challenge, not a legal one.

As the investigation progresses, Trudy and Ben are pulled closer together, until their professional relationship crosses the line and they find themselves in each other's arms. Will their newfound romance survive when someone is willing to kill again in order to keep secrets buried along with the bones from being unearthed?

For additional buy links and an excerpt from Yesterday’s Over go to http://tirgearrpublishing.com/authors/Flade_Becky/yesterdays-over.htm

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  1. Shared to Twitter - Kayelle Allen

  2. This sounds like a really interesting story. I actually considered trying to become a medical examiner, but I doubt I could have hacked the schooling. Tweeted.

    1. The research was TIME CONSUMING but so interesting. And my mom said well you can't unknow all that now. Thanks for tweeting


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