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Death & Destruction #Free #Noir #MFRWHooks


 A trilogy of short stories with a twist featuring an unlikely contract killer; violent paranoia; and what one person would sacrifice for the love of another.

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Twin beams from an approaching vehicle lit up the dark road and elongated her shadow. As it neared, it slowed. She shielded her eyes and stepped further into the shoulder of the road as the car pulled in behind her. It was a 2013 Aston Martin.

Galen bit back a smile.

The driver side door opened. A thin man with a pinched face and flat eyes wearing an expensive suit under a long raincoat stepped out. “What seems to be your problem, honey?”

“Thank you for stopping.” She gushed. “I thought I caught a flat and pulled over to check it. But like a ninny I locked myself out of the car and locked my cell phone inside.”

She stayed where she was while he peered into the window. She knew her purse lay in full view on the passenger seat, that her keys dangled from the ignition and that her cell phone sat cock-eyed in the cup holder. He even tried the door. It was locked. Then he eyed her. His gaze lingered on the expanse of exposed leg and her bosom. His flat eyes took on a glimmer that was frightening.

“Where are you headed?” He asked.

His voice had taken on a husky, almost menacing tone.

“Office party. We’re announcing a new merger.” She pouted. “It’s mandatory and I’m late. I’m going to catch hell from the boss.” She whined. Then glanced down at herself. “And I look a mess.”

“You look okay to me, sweetheart.” He smiled and she made herself return the gesture. “I can give you a ride to where you’re going or I can call Triple A for you and you can continue to wait here in the rain.”

She chewed on her lip. She looked from his car to hers and glanced at her watch anxiously. “I’d really appreciate the ride, thank you. I just can’t lose my job. The party is at the Hilton on Seaside.”

“That’s right on my way.” He smiled as he put his hand on the small of her back and led her the few feet to where he’d parked.

“This is a gorgeous car.” She told him.

“Yes, she is.”

“I’ll ruin your upholstery.” She hesitated, pulling back.

“I’m all wet.” She explained. He took off his coat and wrapped it around her. Then he winked at her and bent low to grasp the door handle. Quickly, and with great force, she jabbed a razor-sharp blade into the exposed soft space where his jaw and neck met; and severed one of his jugular veins completely. He fell with an almost anticlimactic splash to the ground, shielded from the road by his own vehicle.




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