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Judging a Book by its #Cover

The amazing Jessica Heatherly said of my award-winning, romantic thriller Fall to Pieces

“Definitely don’t judge this book by its cover! On first look, I assumed this book would be a romance novel disguised as a mystery but boy was I wrong!”

It’s a great 5-star review; I’m not knocking it. And I understand the bodice rippers of the 80’s contribute to society’s knee-jerk reaction to romance novels. People see a couple on the cover and assume the worst. I don’t like it, but I get it. That said…

I love my covers.

Wait. You don’t know what a bodice ripper is?

Back in the 80's, the reigning queens of romance had the most atrocious covers. I've heard them called nursing mother covers but I prefer to describe them as BODICE RIPPERS. 

Oh, Lordy, those covers. They defined an era, sure, but I'm glad as an author, they're before my time. I wouldn't trade my pretty covers for anything. Not even the gritty covers fans of suspenseful thrillers are fonder. 

If you enjoyed this book...

...I bet you'd enjoy this one:

Don't let the cover fool you. 😉

Have a glorious "bodice ripper" cover to share?

Post a pic in the comments below


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