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Tired of barely legal girls getting their asses beat by ba-jillionaires? Wish you could find a book with a heroine you have something in common with? I have a recommendation for you.  As I’m fairly forthcoming with my musical preferences, it’s not a secret that I love rock n roll. From the time I started spinning teenage fantasies, there was always that one about the lead singer of a rock band falling madly in love/lust with me. Enter Rhett Davis, a woman grown, widowed in her early forties, with a grown, married daughter and a 25 year long crush on Rhys James the lead singer of her favorite band. She let herself get comfortable – anyone over thirty knows what that means – and now she needs to start her life anew. But after learning something that destroys what she has left of the life she’d built for herself since high school, she packs up and moves to the big city. Where she promptly saves the man of her dreams on the side of the highway. Now Rhett has to navigate her new li

First Day of Spring

I accidentally got pregnant when I was 16 years old; my daughter was born just two weeks after my seventeenth birthday. Like most mothers my age, I had no idea what was in store for me. But going against the stereotype, I finished high school. While my little girl went to pre-school, I went to college and worked full-time. We grew into womenhood together. There isn’t an experience I’ve had in the last 21 years to which she wasn’t an integral part. This past Friday, on the first day of spring, bookended by a freaky snowstorm and a lunar eclipse that hasn’t occurred since she was two, my daughter got married to the love of her life – my grandson’s father. The day was all about them, as it should be, but I couldn’t help remembering, as she floated across the ballroom floor as someone’s wife, dancing around my bedroom to Madonna with her nestled in the crook of my arm. And I cried tears of joy and pride for the beautiful woman before me. Sure – she wouldn’t be here if not for me, bu


Synopsis   Jude and Haven share a secret.    One he willingly hides and she tries to forget, but it regardless, it has tied them together.   It's not until their relationship is discovered that Haven has a choice to make.   She can pine for the man who walked away or choose a new path.    But secrets have a way of showing themselves, making it difficult for Haven to let go... And when she does, can Jude live with the consequences? Add to Goodreads Buy the Book   Amazon US: Amazon UK:   Series Information   B&N iBooks AmazonUS B&N AmazonUS iBooks Kobo  

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

Hi – You may have noticed that I’ve been missing lately. Unfortunately, I’ve been out of commission for a variety of boringly pedestrian reasons. But I’m back now & I have exciting news! My erotic spy thriller Goddess of the Hunt is now available as an audio book ;) I’m excited about this and hope you will be too. I love, love, love the idea of you or someone like you trapped in the stop-and-go traffic of rush hour, listening to the sexy Lily Horne read my words. She really brought Paige and Eoin to life…check out this sample!   You can pick it up at any of these locations:  AUDIBLE   ♥  AMAZON   ♥  iTunes And of course the e-book is still available at all the regular haunts. You'll find easy links on the page dedicated to Goddess above. Last? A request, well a reminder really: Show your favorite authors some love and/or constructive criticism by posting honest reviews, particularly on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, etc. Make your opinions known. T