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Hook up with romance & danger #MFRWhooks

Philadelphia police officer Kylee Parker is dedicated to protecting and serving. She sees the work in absolutes: right and wrong, black and white, good guys and bad guys. That is, until she chases a drug dealer into a dead-end alley and finds the bad boy she had a painful crush on throughout her teen years has turned into a more dangerous and more attractive man. Jayson Donovan knows he doesn’t deserve someone as good as Kylee Parker. As the right hand man to a local drug-pushing mobster, he’s solidly on the wrong side of Kylee’s moral compass. But he can’t help reaching for her time and again when he knows he shouldn’t. Even when his secrets threaten them both. Excerpt: Spring in the city brought people out of winter hibernation like a siren song, but as the temperature rose, so in turn, did the crime rate. Cops had to be sharp as they walked the streets of Philadelphia. In her ten years on the force, on these streets, she’d seen a lot of crazy and often stupid crim

Becky’s Concert Series set no.1

I’ve written about music enough for any one who follows my blog, even peripherally, should realize music is important to me. My parents shared their diverse taste with my brothers and I – music, movies, and books are literally a Flade family passion. On my way to work today, the crew on the morning radio show I listen to, Preston & Steve on Philly’s own 93.3 WMMR, were sharing their first concert experiences and well…I freaking love going to concerts. And so I give to you the first in Becky’s Concert Series MY FIRST CONCERT It was September 1984, my mom took me to see Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five’s Victory Tour at John F. Kennedy Stadium. I was eight years old. She was twenty-six.  It was the last time Michael toured with his family and my only visit to the iconic JFK Stadium before it was demolished in 1992. My mom’s baby brother, only 23 years old at the time, came with us. They searched our bags and wanded us at the gate. That was a first for me too. And

Get Ready for a Happy #Holiday With a #99c #Romance from @Kris_Bock

Archaeology student Kylie Hafford expects an adventure when she heads to remote Puebloan ruins to excavate. Romance isn’t part of her plan, but she meets two sexy men: Sean is a charming tourist who takes an instant liking to Kylie. Danesh, a site ranger who looks like an Anasazi warrior, seems to take an instant dis like to Kylie, and yet something draws them together. The summer heats up as Kylie uncovers mysteries, secrets, and terrors in the dark. She’ll need all her strength and wits to survive – and to save the man she’s coming to love.    Readers give a 4.2-star average to Whispers in the Dark , romantic suspense set in the Four Corners region of the Southwest. It stands alone and is not part of a series. Fans of Mary Stewart, Barbara Michaels, and Victoria Holt will love Kris Bock’s stories of romance and adventure.   Whispers in the Dark  is on sale Nov. 19-24 – only 99 cents for the Kindle! Get it now!   Excerpt:   I hit something, bounced, scraped, and finally landed with

DEVIL'S GAMBLE Release Day Book Blast

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE : Contemporary Romance (steamy) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: Sienna Keller saw how men used her mother, and from an early age she swore she’d never allow it to happen to her. So when she meets smooth-talking billionaire Gavin Crane, who uses his connections to help her art career, she resolves to keep things strictly professional—no matter how gorgeous he is. Gavin might be the son of the head of the Kavanagh organized crime family, but he wants no part of that life. It’s important to him to prove to Sienna that he’s a good guy. But when she winds up in the hospital with a gunshot wound, he is driven to exact revenge. His father agrees to provide security to watch over her as well as find the man who shot her, but at a cost—Gavin must come back into the family business. As Sienna begins to let her guard down around Gavin, seeing the kind, caring man he’s always wanted her to see, his secrets begin to pile up. Has she done the one thing she vowed

#honor #duty #respect Veterans Day


In the Writer's Den with GARTH PETTERSEN

Today we’re going back to an old favorite: In the Writer’s Den. And we’ve got Tirgearr Publishing debut author, Garth Pettersen, in the proverbial hot seat. His upcoming release, The Swan’s Road , is historical fiction set in the 11 th century. I think they tortured people back then. Right? In the eleventh century, Cnute, the Viking king of Engla-lond and Scandinavia, sails with his son, Harald, and his shield brothers to Rome. Thrown off course by a storm, they follow the route up the Rhine. When Harald hangs back to assist Selia, a beautiful Frisian woman, his path turns perilous. Newfound enemies, retainers of Robert the Devil, Duke of Normandy, pursue them. Harald, Selia, and their companions fail to rendezvous with King Cnute, and are forced to travel cross-country on horseback. If Duke Robert's plan to assassinate Cnute succeeds, an invasion of Engla-lond will follow. Can Harald and Selia reach Rome in time to warn the King? Now that we’ve got that square

Duets and Dominance by Anya Summers #BookBlast

GENRE : Erotic Romance Duets & Dominance   by Anya Summers Elizabeth “Lizzie” von Klepper has a problem of epic proportions—she’s the oldest virgin in the world. Invited to perform on Pleasure Island with her best friend Solomon, she devises a plan to seduce him, and rid herself of that infernal status. After all, they shared a mind-blowing kiss a year ago and that has to count for something, right? Solomon Ventura adores Lizzie. She’s been his best friend since their humble beginnings at Julliard, but deep down he’s yearned for her. For more. And ever since he tasted her, a stolen kiss he hasn’t been able to forget, he cannot seem to stop his mind from conjuring up myriad fantasies with Lizzie in the starring role. But he’s not the man for her. She’s light where he is dark, and his brand of love would shatter the only woman he’s ever cared about. Will the best friends move their relationship out of the friend zone? Or will a week spent on pleasure island destroy th