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I do not how well I write, it just makes me whole

Since this post was first published, I've released a total of 7 books (comprising two separate series of romantic thrillers: The Fated Series and Philly Heat), 4 erotic novellas, a collection of noir short stories, a young adult zombie apocalypse novella, and two audio books. And Fall to Pieces the second book in my Philly Heat Series recently won the 2022 RONE Award for best thriller/suspense. But still each new submission, each new release, inspires more nerves. 😳 If you ever meet an author who claims to not be insecure... they're lying.

Longmire, Legos and Storytelling

I’m a proud member of the boob-tube generation. I love television. I love movies. Having grown up during the eighties, I have a childish love of action flicks and tend to deride the romantic comedy. Luckily, for me, my reading and writing pleasures don’t necessarily conform to my viewing preferences. In point of fact, I don’t enjoy reading westerns but ♥ watching them. Legal dramas are compelling entertainment, but I am reluctant, despite my day job, to try my hand at writing one as I don’t enjoy reading them. The show Longmire, in my opinion much under-rated, wonderfully combines law and order with cowboy sensibilities. You wouldn’t think it would work, but dear Lord it really does. After A&E cancelled the show, Netflix grabbed it up & new episodes will air! The characters are complex, flawed and heroic. The storytelling is top-notch. And I can’t find fault with the cinematography – it’s visually stunning. There are times when the setting and the score speak volumes tho

Happy Gobble Gobble


THE WALKING DEAD vs. humanity

I don’t talk about The Walking Dead often. Seriously, I don’t. Okay, yeah I probably do, too much. But it’s a more complex and thoughtful narrative than people give it credit for. And before you roll your eyes, let me set the foundation.

Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish...

...and someday, you will be a real book too Okay assuming most everyone has seen and/or read Pinocchio, we all know that's not how the line goes. Nevertheless, that's how life as a digital first author feels. Digital first??   What's that???? I am so glad you asked. Before the advent of the eReader, being published was HARD. Like really hard. Like nearly fucking impossible. You had to sacrifice a virgin under a purple moon naked on the third Thursday of the seventh year kind of hard. Then came the eReader. And digital first was born. It’s not exactly easy now but it is POSSIBLE. And that’s frickin delightful.

Run Wild and Wash Your Hands

Some years back, more than a decade of them in fact, I discovered a love for running. But I let it fall away and then I let myself put on a lot of weight. In January I started working out; after I’d lost a few pounds, and built up some stamina, I started running again. And convinced my two girls, Casey (24 years old) and Morgen (14), to do a 5k race with me at the Philadelphia Zoo. And then I set up about training for that race. My only goal? Cross the finish line before my girls! Things didn’t exactly go as planned. First of all, for the last weekend in April, it was unseasonably cold. Second, I got caught behind a incapacitated mini-van on the expressway literally within eyesight of the fricking zoo. Third, I had a large cup of coffee. Fourth, I forgot my damn earbuds. I need music when I run – the sound of my labored breathing is demoralizing and distracting. We line up, the three of us, shivering, and agree to meet at the finish line. The horn sounds and they dart out in

Lost Bones & Buried Secrets #MFRWHooks #NewRelease

YESTERDAY’S OVER  💀  Philly Heat Series #3  💀 Following a massive explosion in South Philadelphia, rescue workers discover aged skeletal remains. Assistant Chief Medical Examiner Gertrude "Trudy" Beasley calls in forensic anthropologist Doctor Benjamin Roberts to assist. It doesn't take them long to realize they've uncovered a former serial killer's old burial ground. But someone alive today will kill to keep those secrets buried .

Writing the Spoken Word

I’ve been running a book versus movie theme lately, ha, didn’t even realize it. But I’ve got another one. Love Joss Whedon [except for Buff-me – I wasn’t a fan] and my favorite work of his is Firefly/Serenity. The slash is because I equally love the movie and the short-lived television show. When I’m on a good run with my writing, I like to pop in the tv show; I have the box set. The rhythm, the pacing, the score, I find it soothing, even with the gunshots. [I don’t do silence well. For some reason, when working on something, anything, that I want to devote my attention to, I need noise to concentrate. Too much noise, I get a little nuts. But if it’s silent, I can’t focus my brain. It’s like there is so much going on in my head that it needs a distraction.] I had Serenity on yesterday and I was watching it, as opposed to writing thru it. And it occurred to me that I love the dialogue. In my opinion, dialogue has its own cadence that is particular to the individual writ