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In the Writer's Den with NANCY WEEKS

It’s been a while since I’ve had anyone in the Writer’s Den and can’t think of a better person to break the fast with than Nancy C. Weeks. If you remember, loyal readers, I’ve had the honor and privilege of reading and reviewing all of Nancy’s Shadow series in the past. And she’s here today to tell us a little bit about herself and some about the first in her new series, The Eyewitness . I’m going to boast a little and say I got an advanced preview of the first few chapters before the staff at Crimson Romance did which only served to whet my appetite for this book. And when I got the full review copy I did a naked happy dance. Only kidding. I wasn’t naked. But I did dance and then I inhaled the book in one sitting. There’s a lot of information in today’s post so I’m going to wait a week, maybe two, before posting my review. But in a nutshell ~ LOVED IT! And turning the spotlight on Nancy - what is your favorite word? Love! I write romance because I believe in love


Erotic Romance (Western) Bound and determined to break free of a small town, Mia isn't about to let a little thing like a bondage club or a cocky cowboy stand in her way. Not when it means unearthing the truth. Undercover, she enters an elite world defined by sex, subs, and power. What can happen? It's just for a night... Out of necessity, Brandon guards his privacy. Tall, dark, and frowning--he gives Mia a run for her money when she almost blows her cover. He's one hot piece with a very dominating streak. Think hair pulling, panty-dropping! He's gorgeous, built, and makes her want things. Dirty, dark, and not part of Mia's plan. Brandon is down for the chase, and catches the dark-eyed beauty in a lie. The little researcher needs to be taught a lesson. Pretty with curves galore, yet it's her smart-mouth that forces his hand. If Mia wants to learn about his club, he'll teach her every dirty detail of what it means to surrender. To him. Their