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I am a mother and a grandmother first and foremost - living out my very own happily ever in southeastern Pennsylvania.

I love everything that Jim Henson or the Muppet Creature Shop has ever had a hand in (pun intended) and I hate what Disney has done to his legacy. The very first tattoo that I got out of the five I currently have is Kermit the Frog and remains my favorite.

I hoard books. My collection is out of control. I even keep the ones I didn’t like. There are multiple copies of the ones I did enjoy. The ones I love I own in hardback, paperback (sometimes more than one copy), and the digital version.

Don’t even ask about the measuring cups. Or the M&Ms.

I’ve been asked what I would do if I wasn’t a writer. But that’s not a real question. I don’t choose to write. I just do. I was born with brown hair and grey eyes. I have had stories in my head for just as long. I write them down, yeah, but they’re still in there. It’s not like writing them down performed some kind of word exorcism. And I know what happened to Maggie and Aidan after you finished reading Fated Souls. Because their story continues for me. They continue for me. Even if no one ever reads my words, reads my stories – I still have them. I’d still be a writer.

I am making my own dreams come true!

I've been published by Harlequin, Crimson Romance, Decadent Publishing, Simon & Schuster, Tirgearr Publishing, and a couple self-pubbed books under my own brand: A Page At A Time 

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I'm not a full-time blogger or reviewer. I am a full-time mom with a full-time job and an author in my own right. However, that being said, I love to read and I love to be involved with other authors. If, after taking a look at my blog, you decide you really would like me to read your book, please contact me. If I'm interested, we'll work something out - promise! My email is

Don't ever hesitate to contact me regarding setting up an interview, a cover reveal, a giveaway, etc., those are fantastic and I'll almost never say no.

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