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Halloween Book Blast with Giveaway

WELCOME TO THE HALLOWEEN BOOK BLAST! Click on any of the below book covers to be taken to the page that has more information on the novel as well as the Buy Links! Before you leave, don't forget to enter the Giveaway!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

What scares you? #MFRWHooks

What scares you? I don’t mean clowns or spiders; those are irrational fears that develop over time or due to an inciting event. But as a member of the human race, what truly scares you? Is it dying alone? Or do you fear commitment? What roadblock are you creating to hide from true intimacy? What mask are you wearing today? Jayson Donovan and Kylee Parker [A Love Restrained] allow their fears and their masks to stand between them, creating a vulnerability exploited by their enemies. Theirs is more than a story of star-crossed lovers pitted against criminals. It is more than just a second, or third, chance at love. It’s about trust, intimacy, and risking everything for love. A LOVE RESTRAINED Philadelphia police officer Kylee Parker is dedicated to protecting and serving. She sees the work in absolutes: right and wrong, black and white, good guys and bad guys. That is, until she chases a drug dealer into a dead-end alley and finds the bad boy she had a painful crush o