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What's Special About Fairies? #MFRWHooks

Welcome to the blog, Maya Tyler! So, tell me, what’s special about your fairies? What’s Special About My Fairies? Paranormal romance is a magical subgenre with endless possibilities. In the world I created for The Magicals Series, you can find vampires, wizards, and fairies living among us in the human world. A bit of truth helps make believable fiction so, before I started writing, I researched. When I first embarked on my magical adventure, I introduced my vampire Corgan Halton in A Vampire’s Tale . In my research, I found many legends on the origins and abilities of vampires. From this wealth of knowledge, I selected the most logical characteristics to create my version. Similarly, many legends exist on wizards and fairies. What’s special about my fairies? They are the direct descendants of the fallen angels called The Anunnaki , mythological legends in their own right, who were stripped of their immortal status and sent to Earth as a punishment. With only a little magic t