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The Gift (Part Nine)

             Jocelyn answered the door without looking through the peephole. It never occurred to her that Gabriel would ring the bell. When she pulled it wide and saw him standing there, her heart galloped against her ribcage. She found it curious that it wasn’t fear making her pulse race. Belatedly she remembered he knew her thoughts as well as she did. “Why are you here?” She asked aloud. “Why do you insist on using your voice when you know it is unnecessary?” “Gabriel, I know that my particular affliction isn’t common. How do you communicate with other humans?” She refused to speak with him telepathically. She was human, even if he was not. “The same way I’m communicating with you.” His exasperation moved through her. “Can I come in?” She didn’t invite him, nor did she move to allow him access to her home. “How is it they don’t notice that your lips aren’t moving?” “I plant the suggestion that they are. Humans accept what their minds tell them is true.” “Like the im

The Gift (Part Eight)

             H HHH e wasn’t happy to have them in his home uninvited. That was a safeguard only provided to the living unfortunately. He was less happy that they had supped on his staff. It took time to carefully screen and vet discrete domestic servants. However, Gabriel was enraged that they had come to threaten Jocelyn. He didn’t know how they’d learned of her; it was a minor detail and it didn’t matter at this point. What did matter was that she was in danger. Masking his emotions would be a useless exercise; they were as skilled psychics as he was the eldest, Franco, likely more so. They knew. “She should have been dealt with the first night she became aware of your nature. Why have you delayed?” Franco asked. “I wish her for a companion.” “You want a mate.” Gabriel shrugged as though there were no difference. In truth, the difference was quite significant. Admitting he wanted to take Jocelyn as a mate, something Gabriel had never done, suggested Jocelyn was

Hundredfold Blessings

Throw the confetti, sound the trumpets, and cue the parade (you can hold the clowns though) this post is officially my 100 th blog entry.   I wondered what I should write for my 100 th post? Should I wax poetic about my fiancĂ©; my children; the support I get from the wonderful group of writers I interact with daily; my current work in progress; or the book currently available; the quagmire that is social media or my seemingly stalled attempts at self-promotion? Then I realized, well, I’ve done all that already. Shit. What’s going on with me you may ask? Even if you didn’t – I’m going to tell you anyway. My nine year old got braces (1 st set, she’ll likely do this again when she’s older and the rest of her adult teeth have come in) and made her First Communion. It’s been a big spring for her. I’m so very proud. And I only want to kill her half time. She’s got early onset tween-a-tude. The oldest turned twenty (kill me, kill me now); she has a good job and is a good

Hot Hero Faceoff - Round 3

      Hot Heroes Faceoff - Round 3 The Battle heats up on May 21! Crimson Romance authors love their leading men and are willing to fight for them. Join us tomorrow May 21 for Round 3 of the Hot Heroes Faceoff ! The event will last all day with the heroes posting details about themselves and their books—and yes, there will be many hot photos as the heroes rally for votes! Our two heroes squaring off are intrepid journalist and Round 2 Winner Dylan Bond from IN LOVE AND WAR by Tara Mills and horse rancher and shape-shifting wolf Aidan Gael from FATED SOULS by Becky Flade . Here’s a little background on these hotties: Dylan Bond is a brave journalist with a heart of gold who’ll risk his own skin to help others. He’s a guy with grit and a grin, substance and scruff. When he commits to something, it’s all the way. Aidan Gael lives in forced solitude with his secrets and his grief. He spends the days on his ranch

The Gift (Part Seven)

Gabriel ached. He hadn’t anticipated the strength of her will. Jocelyn was still denying them both what was clearly destined.   He hadn’t anticipated how tormented he would also be by the images he’d been sending her. It had not occurred to him that he would take her visage and the lingering fragments of the dioramas he had weaved into his slumber with him upon every dawn. While he rested his vivid imagination ran wild with lust and blood the likes of which would have terrified Jocelyn. The effect on Gabriel was intensely opposite.   He awoke painfully aroused and starving for blood. He fed, he must in order to survive, but he only took just enough to sustain and left every ‘volunteer’ with a happy memory of the encounter. But he was not happy; the blood tasted flat. He had no joy; did not experience the fleeting rush or minor thrill even feeding for sustenance should provide. Gabriel wasn’t satisfied. He craved Jocelyn. He desired no one else. His body knew hers already. He did


TODAY’S POST IS FOR ADULTS ONLY – AS IN 18 AND UP! As I’m sure you noticed I’ve put the “Mature Audiences Only” warning up on my blog. There is a very good reason for this: I am reviewing the complete series “More Than a Job” by Sarah Daltry. This is erotica and quite graphic. If you are not over 18 years old: back up!   Now that’s out of the way, let’s get on to the good stuff.   =D “More Than a Job” is a trilogy which was made available to me by the author, Sarah Daltry, as one complete work. Instead of reviewing each third separately I’m going to take it as it was presented to me, which frankly was how I read it, as one piece; though I am aware of the fact that it is available on Amazon as one and as three separate stories. The story begins with Jayni: fresh out of college; unsure of what do with her life; no boyfriend; working as a receptionist; and partying with her college buddies at night. She shows up late to work, still in her clubbing clothes, to find her replaceme