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FATED Books 1 & 2 Bundle Release

Years ago, during the blizzard of 1996, my dad’s now deceased dog, who was smaller than the accumulated snow outside, confused about where he was to urinate amidst all that white, did his business against the only vertical structure he could find with ease… MY LEG. And so Fated Souls was born. It started as a short story about a werewolf peeing on his human mate’s leg in an attempt to mark her as his, inspired by that unfortunate business above, and grew into my first full length romantic novel. Which led to Fated Hearts , its not-quite-a-sequel counterpart. In Souls , the suspense is secondary to the paranormal romance. In Hearts , the opposite is true. Both books take place in my fictional Trappers’ Cove; and the couple from Book #1 play an important part in the plot of Book #2, but the books stand on their own as well as they compliment the other. And in this bundle offered by Crimson Romance [a Simon & Schuster imprint], for a limited time, you can get both for onl

A LOVE RESTRAINED Cover Reveal & Pre-order Discount

Specially priced for Pre-order at $0.99 Old secrets, new threats...What are they willing to sacrifice? Philadelphia police officer Kylee Parker is dedicated to protecting and serving. She sees the work in absolutes: right and wrong, black and white, good guys and bad guys. That is, until she chases a drug dealer into a dead-end alley and finds the bad boy she had a painful crush on throughout her teen years has turned into a more dangerous and more attractive man. Jayson Donovan knows he doesn’t deserve someone as good as Kylee Parker. As the right hand man to a local drug-pushing mobster, he’s solidly on the wrong side of Kylee’s moral compass. But he can’t help reaching for her time and again when he knows he shouldn’t. Even when his secrets threaten them both.   To see more about the book: http://www.tirgearrpublishing. com/authors/Flade_Becky/a-love -restrained.htm Goodreads: